Customer Stories

ProMAX Provides a Scalable Solution for Smaller Studios

There’s nothing half-baked about P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. After establishing itself as a premier casual-dining restaurant worldwide, it is now offering an upscale experience at a new chain-within-the-chain, P.F. Chang’s Asian Table. Imagine impressing the one you love or hosting clients, choosing between Asian Marinated Rib Eye and Thai-Harvest Curry, and decanting an elegant, fruity Cabernet from China.

This new venture opened last year in London. But a sneak-peek for P.F. Chang’s corporate insiders happened earlier at a gathering in Tennessee. This included a dynamic video introduction to the Asian Table. This is where Adam Neale came into the story.

Adam is managing director of Bold Content, a London video production company that creates engaging visuals. Not too long before landing the job, Adam significantly upgraded his studio equipment at just the right moment with the purchase of a ProMAX Platform Studio. Designed for smaller studios, this affordable, scalable compact shared server is all about dazzling results at a modest investment.

Still, the job requirements for the P.F. Chang’s gig were daunting. In addition to a corporate introduction video, Adam and his crew had to make a second, even more engaging promotional documentary aimed at a social media audience. Compounding the challenges, final cuts of both videos would run five or six minutes. But the shooting scheduled was limited to three days for both docs. The pressure was on. 

“But we felt, ‘We can do that!'” says Adam, who is particularly proud of the fast-paced promotional vid. “That one is driven with spin-arounds, slow motion, speed-ups, and all sorts of creative transitions. Plus, they used music and split screens to keep it moving. Our editors spent a long time on all this to create what are really works of art.”


Adam bought his Platform system in early 2017 through a reseller. “I’m pretty sure this was a cold call that came at the right time,” he says. Until the unit arrived, the team was still relying on a five-year-old Mac Mini to get the work done. 

Though impressed by several ProMAX features—including price—Adam was won over by the server’s easy backup process. With the old equipment, backup had been done manually every night. But with the Platform, Adam handled that chore himself for years, not wanting to give the labor-intensive task to anyone else.

“All you have to do now is right-mouse click backup and put on some tape or switch the tapes when one is full, and backup is done. Everything is safe,” Adam says. “So now I leave all that in the hands of my editor. The onus isn’t on me any longer.”

As noted, the ProMAX Platform Studio was created for production companies of limited sizes. It’s an affordable high-performance unit with capabilities comparable to our most advanced and higher priced shared servers. Among this Platform’s most desirable attributes are:

  • Consistent streaming required for online video editing,
  • An eight-bay storage system,
  • Highly efficient workflows,
  • LTO backup and archiving capabilities,
  • Access and easy searches for creative groups, including contractors,
  • Administrators manage workflows, monitor performance, and control the system.