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Research Up!

As the head of video productions for a creative-content advertising agency, Aron Orton doesn’t have a lot of a time for daydreaming. Still, he fits in enough dreaming to separate his work for his competitors.

“I’m a creative guy,” Aron says. “If not for that, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now, that’s for certain. Luckily, this job fits into who I am as a person.”

As Director of Broadcasting for a SoCal company called Amusement Park, Aron’s job is something of juggling act. One day, there may be a shoot with NBA basketball star Stephen Curry. Or he might be in San Diego to produce a webisode for a series about food for LG appliances. Or Aron is working on a live television show like  “Heaven Sent,” which aired on Fox TV and featured skydiver Luke Aikins jumping from 25,000 feet without a parachute. Aikins landed safely in a net!


Race to Save the World

 Filmmakers looking to change the world through advocacy documentaries aren’t usually looking for fame and riches. So Joe Gantz understands why his brother, Harry, walked away from their movie business a year and a half ago.

        “I worked with my brother for 30 years but we split up. That was about a year and a half ago. Making documentaries is not very profitable. You have to really believe in it,” Joe says. “You have to raise all the money yourself. Then you have to shoot for as long it takes—could be two years or three.”


ProMAX Provides a Scalable Solution for Smaller Studios

There’s nothing half-baked about P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. After establishing itself as a premier casual-dining restaurant worldwide, it is now offering an upscale experience at a new chain-within-the-chain, P.F. Chang’s Asian Table. Imagine impressing the one you love or hosting clients, choosing between Asian Marinated Rib Eye and Thai-Harvest Curry, and decanting an elegant, fruity Cabernet from China.

This new venture opened last year in London. But a sneak-peek for P.F. Chang’s corporate insiders happened earlier at a gathering in Tennessee. This included a dynamic video introduction to the Asian Table. This is where Adam Neale came into the story.


IBST Media uses ProMAX to Manage their Media

Lagos, Nigeria. For most Americans, mention of this sprawling city conjures images of poverty, overcrowding, and desperation. The stereotype is true for many who live here today. But another Lagos is rising.


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