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Platform Studio & TriCaster Handle Live Event Broadcast Workflow on location for 3 Day Music Festival

“We were very impressed with the results: there were no hiccups at all, and we recorded almost continuously between 2 stages for about 6-7 shows per day, over 3 days.”
- Djundi Karjadi; PT Interindo

This year PT Interindo MultiMedia in Jakarta, integrated their ProMAX Platform Studio (which is designed to travel on location) into the TriCaster workflow for handling the live broadcast of the Java Sounds Fair Music and Art Festival.  Djundi Karjadi says, “I always wanted to include shared storage in a TriCaster workflow.  “Before utilizing ProMAX Platform, all the ISOs from the different stages were spread all over many hard disks, “Djundi explains, adding “We had to spend a lot of time matching which camera belonged to which performance, and then move them into one after the event was over.  Now Platform handles all that organization for us as the show is happening.

When the time came to deliver the clients the combined clips, it was so easy because everything is already organized from the time we started the production.”

Platform Sails Past Competition Delivering Storage, Asset Management & Archival Solution

"We went with Platform and it delivered; it was the only solution that allowed us to get everything we required and sacrifice nothing."
- Keoni Lee; 'Ōiwi TV Co-Founder and General Manager

ʻŌiwi TV is serving as media partner for the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s multi-year expedition of the Hokule’a and its escort vessel the Hikianalia, to bring this vibrant cultural and educational program to worldwide audiences. Preparing for documenting the journey, they knew they would accumulate large quantities of media on this voyage. They also knew that if they didn’t properly organize, and media manage it, that it would be a disaster. Lee explains, “The problem was, we needed more than just storage, we needed everything from networking to Media Asset Management, to long term archival storage. Looking at Platform the idea of a workflow server really made sense to us.” A ProMAX Online Platform workflow server with 634TB SHARE, DAM, TRANSCODE and ARCHIVE modules is currently supporting ʻŌiwi TV’s ongoing productions on land and at sea. Ten seats of CatDV support their team’s asset management and a pair of LTO6 drives serving all archiving processes. Another key aspect of the media workflow is an existing RAID array that Lee was able to connect to Platform to utilize as Tier 2 storage. Lee says, “I can sleep at night now, because I know that our archive is safe. I’m really confident in the stability of the product and now that we’ve backed things up to LTO, and we have a disaster recovery copy that is all catalogued, it’s changed everything.”

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Platform Powers Media Storage for Documentary Productions

"We have wall-to-wall tapes of every kind, and tons of hard drives piling up. We were looking for a better video storage plan, and a better way to manage media throughout production and post."
- Hillary Bachelder; Post Production Manager, Kartemquin Films

Kartemquin Films has been Chicago’s, internationally recognized documentary powerhouse for over 48 years. Hillary Bachelder; Post Production Manager at Kartemquin, had been looking for a better video storage plan, and a better way to manage their media. Bachelder faced two key workflow challenges that are characteristic of documentary productions; many span long amounts of time (sometimes as long as 10 years) with source footage coming from a wide array of media formats. As Post Production Supervisor for Hard Earned, a 6 hour, episodic documentary series for Al Jazeera America, she says, “We have a crazy amount of footage on this project; over 250 hours of footage, totaling to over 12 TB of media.” The ProMAX Platform Studio perfectly suited the production’s shared storage needs. Kartemquin’s Studio server, with a 32TB SHARE module, is currently supporting four Mac-based, Avid Media Composer workstations assigned to the production. Two of the workstations are assigned to the film’s co-editors and the other two workstations are designated to support ongoing media management.

Upgrading from Xsan to Platform Increases Performance

"We were running an Xsan for years. Platform has made maintaining the system easier, plus it out performs the Xsan. Its IT integration has allowed us to expand our digital lab services by synchronizing to our delivery servers. This has enabled us to monetize digital delivery and create happier clients."
- Leonardo Gonzales, CEO Rhino Studios Miami

Rhino Studios in Miami offers the full range of production and postproduction services to an international mix of clientele for motion picture, network television series, and commercial productions. Their old XSAN network, which was only 2GB Fiber, just couldn’t meet Rhino’s performance standards and requirements. “I think I looked at every system on the market. Platform stood apart from others with its security, and reliability which was a must for our workflows,” explains the studio’s CEO, Leonardo Gonzales. Rhino made the move to Platform with its 10GB connectivity to each edit suite. The company’s infrastructure and in-house capabilities have been expanded and enhanced since Rhino brought a Platform Online workflow server onboard with 32 TB of shared storage space and Archival capabilities. Rhino is not only more efficient, but also offers an array of Digital Lab and archival services. Now they can handle productions’ DIT work including all data conversions, LTO transfers and storage through the Platform’s TRANSCODE module.

Platform on Location Makes Next Day Delivery Possible

"We used the server for the first time yesterday on the one of the biggest fashion shows in New York Fashion Week. We really couldn't have done it without the server. Thanks so much for providing a great product!"
- Will Bystrov; Creative Director Post Production, Mustache Agency

Brooklyn-based Mustache Agency produces digital and social content designed to inspire audiences to take action. Much of Mustache’s work is for web series and large-scale, multiple video campaigns, where they deploy large teams of editors and artists on location to cover events for PR Agency packages. . Mustache initially wanted to get a sense of what type of investment was needed to get going with networked shared storage at the studio. What they found was that Platform Studio’s mobility opened up the capability to bring their editing groups on location for shoots and optimizing workflows to meet extreme project turnaround times. The Studio X model Mustache selected is equipped with 32TB of shared storage, an ARCHIVE Module and an LTO5 tape system to provide long term protection to their media assets. The production workflow fit so well that within 6 months Mustache was adding a second Platform Studio X with the SHARE module providing another 32TB of storage. Now for their live event PR productions, Mustache shoots the event and has the deliverables ready the next morning to blast complete and comprehensive assets to media outlets for online and social media outreach.

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