Customer Stories

Getting Schooled in Macau, China

“In Asia, customers mainly want all-in-one box solutions that is easy to use. That’s what they look for. They also have an eye for security and low maintenance in their servers. So I knew from the beginning that we had to sell them ProMAX.”
- Wayne Law, Director of Business Development, WTS Broadcast Hong Kong

Walking onto the newly built University of Macau (UM) campus, Wayne Law was awed by the beauty of this 10,000-student school. Though the architecture has a Western look, the grounds create an Asian ambience with wide walkways of stone punctuated by water fountains and small gardens.

“When I first walked onto UM’s new campus, I felt lost since the campus is huge,” says Wayne, Director of Director of Business Development in China for the Hong Kong office of WTS Broadcast. This office is part of England’s WTS Media Group and is a reseller of professional equipment brands, such as ProMAX.

Wayne’s campus visit was the first step in a yearlong campaign to provide equipment to the UM Department of Communication’s new video production facility. The primary users will be aspiring journalists and others who see the future—caught on video.

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A Grand Convergence

“Because of the ProMAX system’s efficiency and the ability it gives us to easily share files within our team, the quality of our work has increased. What we produce is much more professional now. It gets noticed.”
- John Weaver, Senior Video Producer at OHS

A few years ago, the video production team at Ochsner Health System (OHS) in New Orleans faced a dilemma: they couldn’t reach tomorrow’s audience with yesterday’s hardware/software production system.

Freshly shot video presented relatively few problems for OHS. But photographs, film clips, and TV interviews going back to the 1940s or even the late 1970s could be a challenge. For every foot of film from of the past that’s been located, there are always better images eluding discovery. Jackson Ellisor, OHS Director of Creative Media, went in search of a solution.

As it happened, ProMAX was rocking the market with introduction of the first all-in-one, High-Performance Workflow Server. The system’s unmatched flexibility, reliability, and efficiency has raised the bar significantly for OHS productions.

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African Production Co. Gets Lucky with ProMAX Platform

Lucky Bean Media is an Africa based production company in Johannesburg, South Africa producing entertainment, reality and commercials catering to over 30 African countries.

“What really gets me excited about technology is how it can help me tell a story. That’s why we’ve gone for ProMAX Platform because it helps us deliver on the amazing stories we tell across the range of productions we have.” – Donald Clarke, CEO Lucky Bean

Platform Case Study – Ground Floor Video

ProMAX Platform Improves Business for Leading B2B Production Company

When Ground Floor Video, a leading B2B production company in Woodstock, Georgia needed to manage an ever-growing content library and find ways to galvanize their production workflow process, they chose ProMAX Platform Workflow Server. 


Platform Supports Thousands at UNC Chapel Hill

“It was absolutely critical to be able to integrate with Active Directory, what was formerly laborious is now a non-issue”
- Greg Klaiber, UNC Media Lab Manager

Approximately 3,500 students created projects working on the UNC Chapel Hill Media Lab network during the 2013 academic school year.   The Media Lab is divided into two parts, with one section available 24 hours.   A combination of 22 iMacs and 8 MacPro Towers running Adobe Creative Suite 6 support student projects.

With this level of traffic, Greg Klaiber, UNC Media Lab Manager says the school was primarily looking for superior system performance in a shared storage server, and that they were willing to spend a little more if the system would work better for the teachers and students.

The school was evaluating Isilon storage and a couple other systems (a variety of 10 GbE, copper and fiber options) when a ProMAX email landed in Klaiber’s inbox reminding him that ProMAX would be worth looking into. He recalled that UNC’s communications department already had a ProMAX solution in place.

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