Customer Stories

Platform Studio Hits the Road Editing 8 Day Star Wars Relay to Comic-Con

“Being able to have 4 editors edit simultaneously was really tantamount to the success of our stated goals for post production. Without a device as portable as the Platform Studio we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that goal."
- Phil Loeb; Nerdist Industries

Nerdist Industries is the innovative production company behind a robust network of podcasts and a premium content YouTube Chanel. Their productions include “Course of the Force”, a video series chronicling the week-long relay along the California Coast that celebrates Star Wars and raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Nerdist was tasked with producing daily wrap up videos for this 8 day light saber relay that begins in San Francisco at Skywalker Ranch and finishes in Downtown San Diego at Comic-Con. It was important to have editorial systems that could withstand the mobile aspect of this event. The ProMAX Platform Studio was the tool for the job.

Saying Goodbye to Attached Storage & Improving Creative Collaboration

"Platform Studio really sped up our process of ingesting video."
- Ryan Spindler; Creative Director, Render Perfect Productions

Render Perfect Productions is a digital creative design firm in Baltimore, Maryland, working primarily with Apple ProRes 422 and ProRes 444 as well as creating motion graphics. For a long time they just had been connected to attached storage. Creative Director, Ryan Spindler started researching shared storage options to see what was on the market, and what would be, “the best bang for their buck for our small studio.” Render Perfect Productions got a Platform Studio X with 16TB of storage in the SHARE module to serve their 2 primary edit bays with FCP and Adobe CC, as well as their 2 secondary stations for graphics and other post processes. Spindler shares, “We’ve been really happy with our studio-wide solution. I recommend the Studio and any of the Platform products to anybody that’s looking to keep all their team engaged all the time and wants to maximize speed and efficiency and get deliverables out the door quicker to your clients.”

Platform Boosts Titleist Web Game

“ProMAX has taken us to the next level having shared storage. Now we are positioned for success.”
- Matt Beauchesne; Multimedia Marketing Manager, Titleist Performance Institute

Known in the golf world as leaders in elite player development, the Titleist Performance Institute ( is the largest collection of golf-specific health and fitness information from the world’s leading experts in the game. “Now we are bringing the full range of our resources online through our website in a consumer-facing format.” says Matt Beauchesne; Titleist’s Multimedia Marketing Manager. The keystone of TPI’s new public expansion was a monumental increase in the amount of digital video programming and content that would be created for consumer access. Prior to Matt’s coming on board, he says they worked job to job, using external drives. “Not a good storage workflow,” he comments. To meet the new demands of this daunting production slate, Titleist chose ProMAX’s Platform X with the SHARE module to bring 8TB of shared storage to accommodate the workflows from the group’s three editors creating content for the website’s re-launch in Adobe CS6.

ONE Workstation on Location with RED & Resolve

“After I see the ROI on the ONE, which I expect will be sometime soon, I’m going to add another ONE to the studio.”
- John Lizzio; Lizzio Productions

Lizzio Productions is well-known for providing high quality content for productions ranging from Network Television, Commercials, EPKs, and weekly coverage for the NFL Network. Director of Photography, John Lizzio’s camera of choice is his RED Epic, and working in 4K is his comfort zone. As a go-to D.P. for location shooting, he wanted to expand his services to include editorial and color correction offerings. Lizzio investigated the options and chose the ProMAX ONE Hero workstation with 64GB’s of RAM to expand his tool box.  In addition, to run DaVinci Resolve, ProMAX installed a GTX 850, a Quadro 4000 Graphics Card, and 18TB’s of internal RAID protected storage for 4K workflows. Lizzio calls it “A pretty rocking system,” referring both to its performance and to how he has integrated the ONE into a customized cart that he takes on location.

Powering up with ProMAX ONE for 4K Workflows

“I refused to buy a new Mac pro. Mac had let us all down. We had been trying to hold on but Mac was not doing it.”
- Alan Cohen; Editor Nothing Films

The production partnership between Post Production Supervisor, Alan Cohen, and 11 time Emmy Award-winner, Rob Macey, produces films, commercials, reality programming and episodic television. Shooting with a RED Epic has kept this team at the forefront of 4K content production since earning recognition as a top 10 Finalist in Light Iron Post’s RED User 4K Portrait competition with their short film, “Mars”. Alan had been holding on to an old Mac pro, updating it intermittently as productions required but he had finally gotten to the point that he refused to buy a new Mac pro. The partners were discussing their pipeline dilemma, and admitted that, “We might have to go PC.” Now Nothing Film’s 4K workflow is powered by a ProMAX ONE Hero, with 24TB internal RAID, a PNY Quadro K5000 card and a RED Rocket card. “This system is smoking fast!” Alan shares.

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