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Platform Shared Storage Giving Access and Saving Time

“We waited too long. We didn’t realize how much time we were wasting moving media between our systems. Having shared storage changed our lives.”
- Amy Goldstein; Director, Span Productions

“It feels like we’ve moved from the Primitive Ages to this Century! Platform made shared storage way easier; and we don’t need an IT department to manage it.”
Anouchka van Riel; Producer, Span Productions

As a full-service transmedia development and production company, Span Productions creates far-reaching productions with high impact. The degree of difficulty rises with the fact that Span usually produces several of these uniquely inspired projects at the same time. For their feature length documentary, “The Hooping Life” Span Productions was using a couple of different work stations, and using different sets of hard drives to cover the media assets of several other productions that they were simultaneously creating. “The Hooping Life” had media coming in from a full range of sources. According to Span Director, Amy Goldstein, “It was a maddening process.” ProMAX’s Platform with Share Module, with 32TB of storage changed all that. Goldstein and Span Producer, Anouchka van Riel, say that when they added ProMAX Platform’s shared storage to their workflow, the change was dramatic. “We wish we had made the move sooner,” confides Goldstein, adding, “It made such a huge difference.”

Platform Powering Multi-User Storage Solutions

“We want accessibility, we want reliability, we want speed, and when the ProMAX Platform was presented to me it seemed that those were the things that this technology would be able to do for us – and it does.”
- Richard Camp; CCO of Camp Creative

Camp Creative Chooses ProMAX Platform for Shared Storage Solution

“We’re a one-stop shop from concept to completion, so the solution we chose had to be flexible enough to accommodate editorial, color correction, audio and motion graphics software, including MAXON CINEMA 4D, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop,” says editor-director Adam Planas of Camp Creative. To replace the facility’s aging SAN (Storage Area Network) Camp Creative implemented the ProMAX Platform with the 32TB SHARE module, which offers high-speed, expandable, online backup and storage. In addition, they have the flexibility to expand their storage capacity and scale up with additional Platform modules as their needs require. “It’s great to know that Platform’s data asset management and archiving modules are available if we need them later on,” Planas says. He adds, “ProMAX had a real understanding of how we worked. It’s one thing to know your product and how it’s built, and another thing to understand the nitty-gritty of how people actually use it.”

Platform Shared Storage Secures Assets, Enables Expansion

“We were encrypting locally, with limited storage capacity, and we wanted to “Up” our security. ProMAX lived up to all our expectations. Freeing up space, sharing projects, and content security management are no longer lingering concerns, allowing us to focus solely on creative output.”
- Andy Magnes; Director of IT, InSync Advertising

In Sync Advertising Increases Data Protection and Security with Platform. For nearly 20 years In Sync Advertising has been a creative leader in Hollywood’s entertainment marketing world, producing motion picture advertising, trailers, and TV campaigns for the major motion picture studios and prominent film production companies including Disney, Paramount, MGM, Sony, Universal, Twentieth Century FOX and Warner Bros. Studios as well as Dreamworks SKG, The Weinstein Company among many others In Sync was looking for the best way to meet the increasing file security requirements of their clients and the MPAA. Protecting the digital assets of their productions’ multi-format deliverables require the highest levels of security. After reviewing several options, In Sync selected the ProMAX Platform with 32TB SHARE Module. Platform’s security and permissions features delivered the security In Sync sought and moving to a shared storage system optimized collaboration and increased speed supporting their creative workflow.

Archiving is all the Fashion at B Productions

“Archiving with Pro-Cache is pretty self-explanatory, and its a real pleasure to use.”
- Jorge Piniella; Media Distribution Manager, B Productions

B Productions has long been the go-to production and post boutique for A-list fashion and beauty designers in New York including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta. B Productions’ library contains over 6,500 original camera tapes, with between 1,500 to 2,000 hours of precious fashion footage to safeguard. “Our library was starting to become unmanageable and burdensome in terms of the space it was taking up. We could easily use the space for something more profitable, like another edit bay,” says Piniella. They also did not want to risk the possibility of the BetaCam and DVC tape lasting for much longer, and decided a smaller shelf of LTO-tapes as the archive would be much more manageable. “The Pro-Cache6, with 6TB built-in RAID, and the 2.5TB capacity of LTO-6 tapes, was perfect for our needs. The team knew very little about archiving before, “We were immediately struck by how very easy-to-use and straightforward the Cache-A systems are,” Piniella says.

Color Mill Counts on Pro-Cache to Archive Danny Boyle’s Film, 127 Hours

“The Pro-Cache made it easy to get to LTO to ensure the security of the digital source masters and all of the postproduction work. At the same time, the bonding company felt safer and more at ease with digital because we archived on LTO, the same tape-based platform that banks use.”
- Russell Lasson

“We had to go to LTO; there was no question about it,” said Russell Lasson. “LTO makes the content secure and accessible, and there really aren’t any other options. Filmmakers need to have compatibility without having to rely on a company’s proprietary software and whether or not they’re going to be around in 20 or 30 years when they might need to access the tape. The tape would be fine, but if you can’t find the software to restore it, then you’re in trouble. That’s where LTO’s compatibility with tar is absolutely necessary.

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