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Power-Cache Solves Southeastern University’s Archiving Puzzle

“Power-Cache delivers a well-rounded archive solution. You’d be hard pressed to find anything as versatile, with so many features and support, from any other manufacturer.”
- Ian Fritzsche; Campus Engineer, Southeastern University.

Southeastern University’s Communications Department state-of-the-art HD facility provides students with hands-on training in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, film production and the theatre. The facilities are also used to produce a range of promotional videos, concerts and shows. Their challenge was keeping media available for editorial and archiving, on a budget. The upgrade to HD increased data at least six fold. The University also needed to be able to keep content live and accessible for editorial via shared storage, and somewhere to safely store all of the material created in the department. However, they did not have the budget for a large, separate SAN, or the associated hardware and software technologies. Power-Cache and Library24 LTO-6 systems are now at the heart of the workflow going, “way beyond just archiving – they play an important role in our overall data workflow too,” according to Ian Fritzche, Campus Engineer. He shares, “During my research, what surprised me about archiving was that most companies did not sell one complete off-the-shelf solution. I would have to pick-and-choose hardware and software from different companies, and quite frankly I didn’t have the time, nor the budget, for that. When I started looking at Cache-A I got another, more pleasant surprise – that their products combine RAID0 or RAID5 NAS capability with the latest LTO-6 generation storage, in one simple, expandable package that could grow with us.

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Walker Art Center Protects Precious Artworks with Dual Cache-A Appliances

“Everything we do comes from a mind-set of saving materials for both posterity and future use. That’s why we have a Pro-Cache…”
- Andy Underwood-Bultmann, media producer, Walker Art Center.

Along with the Museum Of Modern Art and the Guggenheim in New York, the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, and the Hirshhorn in Washington DC.- the Walker Art Center is one of the United States’ “big five” museums for modern art. With the preservation of artworks a key priority, the Walker has been a long-time user of Cache-A archive appliances, an early adopter of the Prime-Cache4, and more recently taking the Pro-Cache6. “It is vital for us to maintain records and archives that scholars and archivists can visit in the future,” says media producer, Andy Underwood-Bultmann. He notes, “That’s why we have Cache-A at the heart of our LTO-tape archive strategy.” Having such a positive experience with the Prime-Cache4, I suggested they take advantage of Cache-A’s Pro-Cache6, as it was the most recent appliance, with 6TB RAID capacity for staging footage before the archive, and enlarged 2.5TB LTO-6 tape capacity. Furthermore, I knew the Pro-Cache-6 would also be able to read our LTO-4 tapes. So it made great sense, and gave us greater security, to have two Cache-A appliances working side-by-side.”

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