How to Edit in 4K+ without Breaking the Budget

With the growing demand for 4K+ media and higher resolution footage, can your existing computer infrastructure keep up with these requirements?

How to Create a Workflow Your Team Will Actually Use

Because of the increasing complexity in today’s digital media environment, post production supervisors need to create workflows that are simple and predictable.

How to Prep your Media in a Shared Production Environment

The first step in post-production is one of the most critical yet one of the most ignored and abused part of the process.  Learn the best approach to Ingesting, backup, project organization and tagging media to enable a smooth creative editing experience.

Solving the Unique Issues of Student Media Labs

Educational institutions face unique challenges when managing media for student lab environments.  From creating hundreds of student accounts, managing access permissions, to restricting storage space, the administrative effort can be daunting.  In this interactive session, learn how to solve these and other common problems facing instructors in media lab environments.

From Lens to Archive: Media Management for NewTek NDI

NewTek’s NDI protocol is opening up major opportunities when tying the entire workflow together from lens to archive.  However, properly managing media thru this process can be challenging.  Learn how to build effective well managed workflow for a fully connected production-to-post facility.