How to Edit in 4K+ without Breaking the Budget

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Learn How to Edit in 4K+ without Breaking the Budget. High Resolution media can place a significant demand on your existing computer infrastructure, making it difficult for editors to create projects without dropped frames. Trends in CODECS and frame size can push stream sizes to 500+ MB/second. And debayering (decompressing) certain high-res highly compressed footage like R3D can overload mid-range workstation CPU’s causing dropped frames.

With the growing demand for 4K+ media and higher resolution footage, can your existing computer infrastructure keep up with these requirements?

What you will Learn:

In this detailed discussion and hands on demonstration, ProMAX will show you how you can edit high-res and large framed media (4k+) without spending a great deal of money to replace your workstations, network infrastructure or shared storage system.

  • Understand bandwidth requirements (SAN & NAS) for high-res media
  • Understand the correlation between video Compression and its effect on CPU and Network Bandwidth
  • Learn how to set up a proxy-edit-conform workflow
  • How to simplify and take advantage of Adobe Premiere’s proxy editing functions
  • How to edit high resolution media from outside the office
  • Demonstrate how to use Adobe Premiere with ProMAX Platform using the New Platform Features for mounting Proxy Volumes

ProMAX will take you through a detailed description of 4K CODECS, comparing them to HD, and describing how various CODECS affect your facilities hardware infrastructure. Understand the data rate and bandwidth requirements for editing 4K and understand what this means to your workstation, locally attached storage, shared storage and network environment. Each hardware in your facilities infrastructure is reviewed to determine what needs to be upgraded to handle 4K editing.

A hands on demonstration of using Adobe Premiere Pro CC® to edit 4K video in camera raw CODECS and editing CODECS. Tips and tricks of how to diagnose problems with 4K editing are revealed. Finally a demonstration of using a Proxy-Edit-Conform workflow that provides the benefit of cutting in 4K without breaking the budget.

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