From Lens to Archive: Media Management for NewTek NDI

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The NewTek Network Design Interface (NDI) protocol opens up a world of possibilities for users taking advantage of TriCaster and other hardware/software solutions that support NDI.  With instant access to live video you can now capture, tag, organize, share, backup, archive and even monetize your content like never before.  So how do you take advantage of all of that potential?

Join the workflow experts at ProMAX as we walk you through and end to end production process utilizing NewTek devices and the NDI protocol.  Learn how to instantly manage your media from first capture all the way though archive.  We will look at each specific step along the way.

  1. Ingest
  2. Immediate Backup
  3. Encoding & Proxy Generation
  4. Metadata Tagging
  5. Searching
  6. Editing / Post Production
  7. Long Term Archive

You will Learn

  • How to capture and store NDI video streams to a storage device
  • How to best protect your media, short term & long term
  • Understand how live production broadcast can integrate into a post-production workflow
  • How to set up an integrated “production – post production” workflow utilizing NDI devices
  • How to organize, tag and search for media in a dynamic production environment
  • How to archive content while still having access to proxy media

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