How to Create a Workflow Your Team Will Actually Use

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Because of the increasing complexity in today’s digital media environment, post production supervisors need to create workflows that are simple and predictable.  This process starts with acknowledging and understanding why Media Workflow processes are difficult and then understanding why workflow adoption and compliance can be low.

We will take you through understanding common pitfalls and then building out a simple and predictable workflow by understanding Media Organization, Media Protection, Media Security and Storage Space Management.  By utilizing a 3-step approach, this session will help you create a workflow your team will actually use.

You will Learn

  • Fundamental Reasons for Poor Workflow Adoption
  • The Workflow Adoption Continuum
  • Common Media Workflow Pitfalls
  • Foundation of a Successful Media Workflow
  • 3 Step process for Evaluating and making workflow improvements
  • How to Create a Workflow your Team will Actually Use

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