Solving the Unique Issues of Student Media Labs

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Each year, video editing curriculum becomes a more critical component of any top educational program.  With student media labs cropping up not only in the top universities and colleges, but even at the high school level, the proper set up and management of access and data management becomes an immediate challenge.

Running a media lab for students to learn and create video, creates a unique set of challenges unlike any other workgroup.  Not only must you meet the performance requirements of 20 to 100+ workstations, but you must also deal with constant changes in storage space, security access, and a variety of IT related factors.

With the experience of designing and managing network systems for many educational institutions, let us take you through the common issues that you will see and some creative ways to solve them.

You will Learn

  • Top challenges in student lab environments
  • Shared Media Distribution
  • Managing Users/Access to storage
  • Hardware infrastructure considerations
  • Understanding performance requirements
  • Dealing with constant changes in students from semester to semester
  • Common requirements from your IT team
  • How to best work with the IT team

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