Media Asset Management

Can you find files when you need them?

ProMAX Platform™ has intuitive built in Media Asset Management that makes it easy to find, tag and share your assets. There is no need for 3rd party software or complex integrations.

Organize Your Media

With leading-edge Automated Metadata Tagging, you can choose to manually input metadata or have Platform take care of it for you. Metadata schemas are easily defined and customizable to organize media on your Platform Storage or on existing storage systems you already own.

Access Content Anywhere

With automatic server based proxy generation, you can easily play your high res camera media on any device in or out of your office. Make notes, add metadata and organize your footage for a more efficient editing process.

Find and Tag Assets

All that automatic asset tagging pays off with a Powerful Searching Engine that takes you from simple file lookups to powerful multi-conditional advanced searches. Using the intuitive Platform browser interface or the built in Adobe Premiere Pro® Panels interface, your creativity will be empowered.

Search Your External Drives

Platform allows you to plug in and catalog your existing external drives and search them with the built-in Platform asset management system. Automatically create and view proxies for offline drives so you know exactly where to find your footage.

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