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April 24, 2017

ProMAX Grows Platform Workflow Server Capabilities with Version 5.5

New Workflow Servers features designed to enhance creative collaboration, asset management control, and integration with production technology.  

(April 24th, 2017; Santa Ana, CA) ProMAX Systems, world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations, has announced Platform Version 5.5, a significant software enhancement to its award-winning workflow servers and storage systems.  This release extends the Platforms capabilities in a number of areas, all focused on extending workflow efficiency for content creators.

“With Platform version 5.5 we have enabled a number of new feature sets designed for content creation workflows including significant upgrades to asset management searching, Proxy Editing for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud TM, Bulk User Management for University Media Labs, and Broadcast Capture and streaming for NewTek NDI TM devices”, stated Jess Hartmann, CEO of ProMAX Systems.  “All of these improvements continue our goal and roadmap of building the most comprehensive media workflow servers in the industry”.

Proxy Editing for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud TM enables editing of high bandwidth media in a proxy format, by utilizing proxy footage automatically generated using ProMAX’s Platform workflow servers.  The ProMAX panel within the Premiere Pro interface makes it simple to manage and easily switch between high-res and low-res media.  Platform also supports Adobe Team Projects in this release, allowing creatives to collaborate within a project and to edit remotely using the proxy editing feature.

Asset Management Improvements include automatically generated thumbnails, hierarchal tree view searching, faster indexing and improved metadata extraction.  Additionally, the transcoding engine has been completely redeveloped offering more flexibility, unlimited simultaneous encodes, GPU encoding and support for additional formats.

Bulk User Management has been added specifically to address the needs of colleges and universities running student media labs.  Now with the ability to connect to multiple active directory domains, student credentials can be easily imported from AD groups and specific volumes can be created for each student without the need for complex scripting and IT involvement.

Storage and Playback for NewTek NDI Devices TM.  As the network of devices supporting the NDI protocol increases, the need to store live streams on a centralized storage system for space management and flexibility becomes critical.  This release allows users to easily see NDI broadcast streams, select and then begin to capture those streams on the Platform system.  ProMAX capabilities also allow operators to “chop” a stream so that the current file is closed and a new file is created during the capture.  This allows editors to grab a stream instantaneously and begin editing so they can respond to timely broadcast requirements.


ProMAX is demonstrating Platform version 5.5 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas and expects to ship the product shortly.

About ProMAX Systems:

ProMAX is the world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations. For over 20 years, we’ve built a worldwide client base of tens of thousands of customers, helping them find the most efficient, cost effective and reliable solutions to solve their production challenges with our range of workflow servers, workstations and archiving technology. From ingest to edit, from playout to archive, we’ve evolved our thinking to focus on the real needs of our customers – bringing everything they need together in a truly integrated solution. Whether they are creatives working in Film/TV, broadcast, post production, education, government, corporate or other industries, our customers trust ProMAX to be at the heart of their creative