Platform Online Series

High Performance Workflow Servers

  • Industry Leading Storage Performance, Scalable to Multiple Petabytes
  • Powerful Workflow Acceleration features including Transcoding & Rendering
  • Digital Asset Management for Indexing, Search & Proxy Previews

Shared storage and so much more

The ProMAX Platform Online Series is a High-Performance Workflow Server, designed for video professionals to accelerate and improve their content creation process. It features powerful shared storage that is optimized for video workgroups using Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Apple’s Final Cut Pvro and other creative software applications. Platform scales easily for workgroups of all sizes, is simple to deploy, and integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.

What sets Platform apart from other storage systems is its ability to accelerate content creation. Platform Servers manage multiple production processes including media asset management, transcoding, and rendering that would typically be executed on individual workstations. Because Platform has direct access to the media it can accomplish these operations more efficiently, meaning you’ll finish projects faster and deliver better results for your customers.

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Industry Leading Video Performance

Utilizing a unique low-latency protocol Platform delivers high quality, consistent streaming performance required for online editing. No other shared storage system can generate as much shared disk bandwidth per 16 drive chassis.



Platform is designed to scale easily for today’s dynamic video workgroups. Seamlessly grow your system from just 16TB to multiple petabytes and connect hundreds of users with no per seat licensing.


Extensible Workflow Server

Create highly efficient and connected workflows with Platform at the hub of your digital facility. Designed with the flexibility to connect multiple systems and technologies, Platform can communicate with any TCP/IP connected devices and can host services, websites and software applications.


A Better User Experience

Creative groups including remote contractors can easily search and access content through a simple but powerful web interface, and administrators can manage workflows, monitor performance and control system functions from anywhere on the network.


Integration Friendly

Take advantage of the latest technology while protecting your previous investments. Platform integrates easily with existing IT infrastructure. Utilize existing copper and fiber cabling and repurpose your old RAID arrays to create a multi-tier storage network.


Native Support for Active Directory

Platform Servers run a Windows Server operating system enabling them to join an existing windows domain and thereby utilize existing user accounts and permissions schema.



Hardware Warranty

Platform Online Series includes a 3 year limited warranty on the server and components. Enterprise hard drives used by Platform carry a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


SUAP [Software Updates & Assurance]

Every Platform Studio Server includes a 1 year SUAP plan. ProMAX SUAP plans ensure you have direct access to our Technical Support Group, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm PST, and guarantees your team is working with the latest version of Platform software including all of the newest features, and functionality that we develop to improve your workflows. In addition, 24×7 SUAP programs are available for our customers working in mission critical environments.

We take pride in providing support that’s as reliable and performance-driven as our systems.



icon8 Platform Online Series is a true shared storage solution for 4K workflows with the video performance to support full resolution 4K editing for up to 5 users or 10 total streams of ProRes 422 HQ Ultra HD. Not quite ready for 4K? See the complete streaming performance chart for specs on all common formats.


Platform is designed to scale easily for today’s dynamic video workgroups.

img4 Scale Storage – Platform Online can support up to 96TB per server (in just 3RU of rack space) and up to 384TB per node, with flexibility to expand to multiple petabytes in a multi-node architecture.
img5 Scale Users – Users can connect to Platform either directly or through a switch using 1GbE or 10GbE over copper or fiber infrastructure. There is no limit to the number of users that may connect and no per user license fees. Platform Online Series can support up to 14 x 1GbE direct connections or 12 x 10GbE connections.
img6 Scale Performance – Platform’s scale-out architecture increases video streaming performance in parallel with expanding storage capacity. So when you add a storage expansion to your Platform server you add another pool of disk bandwidth, increasing the total concurrent streaming performance of the system.


icon10 Get organized and find your files faster. Indexing, search, custom metadata tagging, proxy generation and preview are all built-in to Platform and require no additional license fees. Learn More about Project Based Media Asset Management.


icon11 Platform Servers feature a built-in transcode engine that can be upgraded to process up to 24 simultaneous transcodes. This enables creative groups to offload time consuming file conversions from their workstations. Create custom transcode workflows to convert media at ingest or for delivery with support for multiple formats.


A browser based UI allows users and administrators to manage the system and access content from anywhere on the network, and delivers a superior collaborative editing experience for creative workgroups.



icon9 Platform Servers feature a built-in transcode engine that can be upgraded to process up to 24 simultaneous transcodes. This enables creative groups to offload time consuming file conversions from their workstations. Create custom transcode workflows to convert media at ingest or for delivery with support for multiple formats.



Platform Online storage systems have been optimized for video performance and can provide a high volume of concurrent streams, scalable to the needs of your workgroup, and all at the consistent high quality required for online editing.
Platform Online servers can be configured with either Standard or Extreme storage.  The Extreme storage utilizes 12G RAID technology and provides a 47% increase in concurrent streaming performance over the standard option.  Both storage systems can be expanded to increase performance.

 PlatformOnlineSeries -Streaming1

PlatformOnlineSeries -Streaming2


Platform Online Series Workflow Servers (Y and Z Models) include a transcode engine capable of processing two simultaneous transcodes.  This transcode engine is upgradable to support as many simultaneous transcodes as there are logical CPU cores, up to 24 on Platform Online [Z].  The speed of a transcode will vary depending on the source and destination formats being used and the amount of system resources available to process the transcode.

PlatformOnlineSeries -Transcode1


1 2 3 4


  • Dual Intel Xeon Processors. 8, 12 or 24 Core Options
  • Up to 128GB RAM
  • Up to 96TB of Onboard RAID Storage
  • Storage expandable to multiple petabytes
  • Dual Redundant SSD System Drives
  • Dual Redundant Power Supplies
  • 3RU Rack Mount Server Chassis

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Compare Platform Servers

Series Online Studio Portable Nearline
Model [ X ] [ Y ] [ Z ] [ X ] [ Y ] [ X ] [ Y ] [ Y ]
CPU Cores 8 12 24 4 4 4 4 8
Base RAM 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB 8 GB 16 GB 8 GB 16 GB 16 GB
Max. Onboard
Storage Capacity
96 TB 96 TB 96 TB 32 TB 32 TB 2 TB 216 TB
Max. Storage
Capacity Per Node
384 TB 384 TB 384 TB 64 TB 64 TB Variable* Variable* 648 TB
Max 1GbE Direct
14 14 14 9 9 5 5
Max 10GbE Direct
12 12 12 6 6 2 2
Media Asset
check check check check check check check check
Proxy Previews   check check   check   check  
Effects Rendering   check check   check   check  
Transcoding   check check   check   check  
Feature Based
check check check check check check check check
Workflow Expansion Modules
SHARE Extreme check check check          
SDI Direct Capture check check check          
  check check   check      
Archive Onboard
      check check