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December 02, 2016

African Production Co. Gets Lucky with ProMAX Platform

African Production Co. Lucky Bean, Gets Lucky with ProMAX Platform

“What really get’s me excited about technology is how it can help me tell a story” tells Donald Clarke, CEO of Lucky Bean Johannesburg, South Africa.  “And that why we have gone for the ProMAX because it helps is deliver on the amazing stories that we tell across the array of productions that we have”.  “We were looking for something easy to use, that didn’t need an IT dept to manage, robust, fast and ProMAX Platform blew all the other competition away.”

Donald also notes “The biggest thing for us is that anyone can jump into the ProMAX and figure out how to use it; whether it be an editor, a producer, a director or a camera man.  It means we don’t need armies of support wondering around supporting us all the time.  When you have a server that is simple to use, it’s fast it’s robust, it’s dealing with terabytes and terabytes of space, seamlessly, it really allows you to do what you do best, which is tell stories.”

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