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Uptime Protection with Archival

Deadlines don’t care about technology. This private university found a lot of great ways to centralize their storage, but to guarantee that their projects would be accessible even if their server failed, was not so simple.

They were able to do all of this and more with Platform servers. Rather than a single point of failure, they deployed both an Online 1000 and a Nearline 7000. This allowed them to replicate data in real time, while still using the left over 150TB as tier 2 storage for completed projects.

As the 150TB gets filled, the seamless integration with LTO hardware built in allows this university to continue to grow data without worrying about adding huge storage costs year after year.

Fun fact: Don’t have the budget for 2 servers? Use low cost 3rd party storage, like a thunderbolt RAID, you may already own it!

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No Workflow to Full Workflow

This company is the epitome of OTT creating short videos shared over all social channels. Just a few short years ago, they didn’t exist. Today they have been catapulted into the need to share, manage, backup and archive hundreds of terabytes of data on a constant rotation.

Platform allowed them to go from no cohesive workflow to a defined workflow covering every area of technology with a single simple installation. Add some training on top of that, and now they have the foundation to keep growing without being held back by technology.

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Zero Room to Fail

Professional sports aren’t exactly known for their laid back environments. When you have to do cuts on the fly for the scoreboard replays like this team does, 5 minutes of downtime doesn’t work.

Thanks to a mixture of several features and proper systems design, Platform was able to provide this NFL team with a function rich, fully integrated MAM built into a system designed with full hardware and software failover.
Now that is a defensive line!

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Manage 500TB of Existing NAS

Storage keeps getting faster and cheaper. And sometimes as our businesses grow we put in solutions that meet a need, but aren’t ideal for our long-term needs. When this Hollywood production company came to ProMAX, they had accumulated about 500TB of existing storage over a period of 3 years.

Platform was able to bring a variety of NAS systems and Thunderbolt RAIDs under a single interface to managing everything. Connecting to NAS systems via 10GbE iSCSI, Platform has become the front end interface and MAM for their entire network.

Additionally, without having to purchase new hardware, they were able to utilize their existing LTO tape system. This too integrated seamlessly into the single Platform Interface to track, backup and archive files.

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Integration into the Enterprise

This worldwide company is no stranger to infrastructure. With thousands of employees spread over 5 continents, they are one of the largest creative marketing agencies in the world.

With great customers, come great expectations. Not only did Platform have to meet stringent IT requirements, but not every office with creative staff had dedicated IT so the solution required something that was easy to manage and easy to train.

With deployments in a variety of countries, Platform has quickly become a centerpiece for their creative teams.

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Affordable End to End Workflow

We’ve all been there; you need a resource, but only have about half of the budget for what you need. So, what do you do?

This university needed it all; Shared Storage, Asset Management and LTO backup/archive. Unfortunately, as they priced out these various options the total was way over their budget.

Enter Platform. Not the low-price leader as they compared it to other storage options, but when they priced it out as a total package, Platform met every need and was close enough to their budget to get approved.

Today they have a full end to end workflow and are looking at deploying another Platform system.

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It Just Keeps Growing

Scalability is one of the most common requirements we hear. We all want to make sure technology won’t limit the ability to grow in the future, it’s prudent. Most implementations do grow, but few really push those limits.

This particular customer was serious about scaling. Starting with 256TB isn’t small by any account, then they added a little more, then a little more, and then some more. You get the idea.

Today this customer has over 8 Platform Servers with just as many expansion systems. They’ve even used an offsite location to replicate their Platforms to another site. But don’t worry, they have about 10 more Petabytes they can grow into before they need to start thinking about archiving some of it.

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Old Cache-A Catalog to MAM with Proxies

New technology is fun, we all love it. Unfortunately, we don’t always get that ‘new tech’ buzz when it comes to our massive libraries of archived tapes.
This particular client, like many, has used Cache-A products for years to archive client data. Needing to update their aging Cache-A hardware, a conversation with ProMAX made a lot of sense, having acquired Cache-A products in 2014.

At the same time, they faced the challenge of moving from local thunderbolt RAIDs to a centralized server. Again, thanks to the seamless integration of our storage, MAM & archive software; Platform was a natural fit.

To take things one step further, this client found it particularly helpful to have Platform generate proxies of archived video files. They restore files all the time and sometimes they spent hours restoring the wrong files. With Platform’s option to create proxies of existing Cache-A (or any LTFS) formatted tapes, they are now able to create a great new value out of hundreds of old LTO tapes.

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Replace and Repurpose a dying Xsan

Remember when Apple had a SAN?!? So did this Ivy League university because they were still using Xsan for their broadcast team. But the whole system was getting old, really old. Problem is they had just added about 100TB of fibre channel storage 2 years earlier to fill an immediate storage capacity need.

That’s when they found Platform. With Platform, we were able to integrate all of their newer fibre channel storage to be managed directly as additional Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage. This made the investment decision simple. In addition, it was critical for their team to be able to easily add an Ethernet based student lab to the mix of workstations accessing this server. With the other options they looked at, they could only have one of those two requirements; ProMAX allowed them to have both.

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Leverage Thunderbolt storage and LTO

No one knows time crunches like television production companies and this one, focused on entertaining television for a variety of cable networks, is no exception. When they approached ProMAX, they had a little of everything… 2 separate aging SAN’s, hundreds of Terabytes of Thunderbolt storage, LTO hardware that was connecting to an old Mac Pro, and an excel spread sheet to manage it all!

They realized it was time to get serious about managing storage, so they came to ProMAX. We were able to repurpose 150TB of Thunderbolt storage, which is now used as Tier 2 storage and pre-production storage. In addition, ProMAX was able to use an existing SAS connected LTO6 drive running software they didn’t particularly like. Once connected to the Platform, the LTO6 hardware became fully integrated with our indexing and MAM software finally making it easy to manage, track, tag, backup and archive files all the way from pre-production to delivery!

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Managing Hundreds of Students and Workstations

Being one of the top film schools in the nation creates some unique challenges, one of which was finding a system that would help them with one of the biggest challenges student media labs face. How do many hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of users access their data from any of one of 100+ workstations?

Each semester hundreds of new students are added and hundreds of graduating students are removed. In typical systems, this can take days and even weeks to administer.

With ProMAX’s best-in-class active directory integration, students can be easily imported based on their existing class enrollments. And volumes are automatically created with the right permissions for each user. At the end of the semester, it’s just as easy to ‘tear down’ all those volumes and let students be on their way!

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Nearline and Archive for Nexis

This financial institution relies heavily on their internal broadcast and video team. With capabilities that rival most television news stations, they need to be able to protect and access data quickly and easily.

Their main workflow has revolved around Avid for years. With their facility running on Avid Nexis and expanding to Interplay, they came to ProMAX looking for a long-term data management strategy.

With an all 10GbE based backbone, we were able to connect a Platform Nearline with a LTO7 Tape Library attached. This allowed them immediately move their Nexis assets to 288TB of Nearline storage for mid-term storage and eventual archive to LTO, all managed by our simple to use customized metadata and advanced search tools.

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