Pump Up the Volume

The entire Platform Family line has fully integrated Backup and Archival functionality so you can easily copy projects and media to LTO.



Fully Integrated Archiving

The Platform’s integrated LTO backup and archiving system has the distinct advantage of utilizing the One Integrated Catalog to record all backup and archive activity. This approach allows system administrators to have a comprehensive database of each file that is backed up or archived for the history of the system. Using the built-in simple or advanced searching capabilities, administrators can easily find versions of files and restore them from tapes or tape libraries.

Backup And Archiving Features

Platform’s LTO system provides robust capabilities including:

  • LTO backup and archiving is integrated into Platform MAM System for full searching of files on tape including custom metadata
  • Automatically generate proxies before archive for viewing of video on tape
  • Complete Support for tar and LTFS formats
  • Reads all prior Cache-A tapes, import Cache-A database and tape catalog
  • Full and incremental backup allowing subsequent backups to only copy changed files
  • True MD5 checksum on Backup and Archive
  • Multi-tape spanning with remote operator notification
  • Support for individual tape drives or tape libraries with 240 slots and 6 simultaneous drives


Archive To LTO

High speed, high availability Tier 1 storage is the most important and most expensive storage your company owns.

If you don’t manage it properly it will quickly fill up with everything from duplicated files to unneeded projects. This can lower performance for your critical projects and quickly will force you to add more Tier 1 storage when you simply don’t need to.

LTO-based Archival allows you to remove the data that you simply don’t need off of your primary servers and onto long term, highly protected, low cost LTO media.

ProMAX Platform offers built in or add on LTO capabilities fully integrated into the one user interface.



Backup To Disk

Disk-based backup offers the best combination of data protection and immediate access to your data. The scope of how this happens can vary depending on the size of your operations. Backup can be as simple as utilizing a hard drive that you already own as a mirror of your most important projects or as powerful as deploying a Platform Nearline server to provide immediate access to 100% of your data at any time.

Platform management software includes simple but powerful disk-based back up feature that provides valuable data protection for companies of all sizes.

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Use Existing Hard Drives

No matter how big or small your company or workgroup is, success depends on your ability to deliver.  No matter how good you are at creating, you need to have the technology to back you up.

ProMAX Platform is the only shared storage system with built-in data mirroring that supports backup to your existing storage devices.  These features allow you to attach any standard formatted local storage devices directly to your Platform server and utilize that storage device as your disk-based backup, thus protecting your ability to deliver, while utilizing the storage you already own.

Enterprise Data Replication

For environments requiring next level data protection and guaranteed uptime Platform supports data replication between servers.  This provides not only data protection but a failover architecture that can be scaled to meet the needs of your business growth.

To support our Enterprise customers SUAP programs with 24/7 support are available.

Backup To LTO

LTO-based backup offers the best data protection and lowest long-term costs along with optional archive functionality.

ProMAX Platform built-in archiving capability enable a direct backup workflow from your online storage to LTO.


The Benefits Of LTO Back Up

LTO is a tape-based media that allows for simple storage of your data. The benefits of LTO are great and include safe transportation, long-term data retention (up to 30 years) and a very low price per TB allowing you to back up all of your data continually without worrying about escalating costs.

Since LTO is a linear tape-based digital media, it takes longer to restore data when needed. If waiting for a couple of hours in the case of data retrieval is a reasonable option, then the benefits of LTO often make it a better option than disk-based backup.

With the Platform software, it’s easy to add tape-based backup and many of our customers utilize the software features for a combination of disk-based and tape-based backup. Since both options are easy to deploy with our software you can enjoy the benefits of both.


Backup Vs Archive

In the digital world there is often confusion between what is Backup vs Archive.  The reality is that you should understand and consider both.

Backup is about data protection. It is the ability to have a second, third, fourth copy of your data – for the case of accidental data deletion, malice, file corruption, software or hardware failure – or any other scenario where you lose data.  Backup allows you to keep working on what you are working on.

Archival is about storage efficiency.  It is the ability to remove data from your main drives and servers to be stored for long-term access, allowing you to free up space on your main storage.  This is data you may need to revisit in 1, 5, 10 or 30 years – but you simply don’t need to waste the storage space to maintain.