Speed Up Your Ingest

Connect your external storage, cameras, switcher or NewTek® device directly to shared storage for faster access to live content.



SDI Direct Capture

With Platform, today’s production workflows can capture live footage directly to shared storage.  This approach has the unique advantage of squeezing the production timeline by getting footage to the editor faster than ever before.

By connecting your camera or switcher directly to the Platform and utilizing an approved input capture card installed into the Platform server, live footage can be captured and saved directly to a shared storage volume.  Some SDI capture cards allow multiple feeds per card up to four (4).  Based on the CODEC captured, some types can be immediately available for pulling onto the timeline.


Attach External Storage

Because Platform Servers allow you to connect your existing 3rd party storage systems directly, ingesting file from Thunderbolt, SSD’s, Firewire, USB and other devices makes ingesting content faster than ever. No longer are you burdened with copying information from your workstation to the server tying up precious resources.

Platform supports most disk formats including Windows® and Apple® file formats for direct ingest.

Metadata Ingest

With Platform’s built in Media Asset Management, applying custom metadata to ingested footage couldn’t be easier. By setting up ingest rules on an ingest folder, any files copied into that folder from a camera or shoot will automatically have the metadata applied to them. And if desired, proxies can be automatically generated on the same footage for low-res quick viewing on set or by low-bandwidth clients.

Automatic Backup of Ingested Footage

On a shoot or in your production facility, you cannot take the chance of losing camera footage. That’s why during the ingest process, Platform can automatically backup the ingested footage to another disk or to an integrated LTO. In fact, you can have the system backup newly ingested footage to two places at the same time so in case of any media failure you have multiple copies.

Capture From Newtek™ Tricaster & 3Play Storage

With Platforms validated integration with NewTek® products, output streams from the Tricaster or 3Play devices can be automatically transferred to the Platform Shared Storage System.  Up to 8 ISO records can be captured while up to 4 steams are read from the Platform at the same time.  This approach provides virtually unlimited recording time and the unique ability to edit during the capture process.  All of which compresses production time.


Features & Benefits

  • 3Play and TriCaster can directly record and play back multiple streams to Platform shared storage
  • 3Play and TriCaster can access a huge shared library of content for playback
  • Multiple 3Play™ or TriCaster™ systems can record to and access the same common storage
  • Increased total recording time and greater storage capacity (up to 256TB per Platform Node)
  • Platform shared storage provides greater accessibility to media for collaborative productions
  • 3Play can record locally and to the Platform at the same time using 4-channel redundant ISO capture
  • Recording both locally and to the Platform creates redundancy and a higher level of data protection
  • Platform modules such transcode, archive and asset management greatly enhance the production workflow.


The ProMAX Platform acts a hub in the NewTek production workflow providing centralized shared storage for all network connected users and devices. It is also capable of managing transcodes, renders, archives and other post-production processes.



ProMAX Platform Online and Studio Series have been tested with NewTek TriCaster and 3Play devices for the following stream counts.