Create with Ease

Edit, Collaborate and design in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, Avid Media Composer®, or Apple Final Cut Pro® directly on Platform.



Creating And Collaborating On Shared Storage

At the heart of Platform’s design is the ability for artists to create and edit directly on the shared storage system. This sounds obvious, yet most generic shared storage systems from major brands cannot step up to the performance necessary to satisfy this requirement. In today’s high pressure creative environments, push / pull workflows (pushing media and projects to and from the server to the local workstation) for editing is inefficient and problematic to the creative process.


Platform’s unique design offers creative departments a simple solution: the ability to build, edit and collaborate on projects from their own workstations, across the organization. Create using Avid Media Composer®, Adobe Creative Cloud®, Apple Final Cut Pro®, Blackmagic Divinci Resolve®, Autodesk®, and virtually any creative tool available.

Low Latency Design

Video streaming from the SAN / NAS to high performance workstation requires unique capabilities not found in most server environments. Chief among them are low latency responsiveness. The remote shared storage system must respond to the workstation as if it were connected like local disk storage. Platform’s unique low-latency packet optimizations create that effect on large and small networks alike.

File Locking Performance

Many shared storage systems achieve their performance by restricting operations to 1 user write and many users read (Volume Locking). This approach severely restricts the ability to use the system like local workstation storage. Platform has been designed so that all users can write and read simultaneously (File Locking) to the same volumes. This true shared storage approach makes the shared storage system behave like local storage.

Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC Integration

With the ability to utilize the Platform GUI interface directly from Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, editors can work in their primary editing interface and still interact with the power of the Platform with ease.

Adobe Premiere Pro IntegrationThe Platform was designed to augment the power of Adobe® products, not replace them. So you will find the combination of Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC + ProMAX Platform™ significantly improves your efficiency.

Mounting volumes, performing asset searches, transcoding footage, or dragging media to the timeline are examples of capabilities available right within Adobe®’s interface.

Watch the video below to see an example of the capabilities of Platform Integration with Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC.


Project Locking

With the ability to easily lock a file or project, users can ensure that they have exclusive access to the material while editing. This is particularly valuable for Adobe Premiere Pro® projects as editors may not know if another editor has the file open for write until they have overwritten someone else’s changes.

Avid® Native Bin Locking (Project Sharing)

Platform’s Avid® Native Bin Locking allows Editors to work in the same project simultaneously.


In the past when multiple editors using Avid Media Composer® needed to collaborate and work on a project at the same time, they were forced to purchase an Avid Unity® or Avid ISIS® shared storage system from Avid®. No more.


With the release of Platform’s Avid collaboration features, Platform provides identical functionality to Avid ISIS® when using Media Composer® so that many editors can be working in the same project simultaneously. Editors who are familiar working with an Avid ISIS® shared storage will be right at home with Platform because Media Composer® acts identically when working on Platform as it does when working on an Avid ISIS®.

With Platform’s Avid collaboration features, you will increase your efficiency and total throughput. Editors can import media, share clips, play each other’s sequences and truly collaborate on projects real-time. By combing these features with Platform’s powerful workflow server capabilities, finding media, transcoding clips, rendering sequences, and archiving projects has never been easier.

Organization Thru Projects

Simple and initiative content organization comes from utilizing Platform’s Project Based Media Asset Management approach.  By ingesting content in project spaces (Platform Spaces), editors, producers and all creative professionals have an organizational system that naturally fits their way of working.


All information used to complete a creative project is stored in a simple organizational structure.  This design allows multiple editors to access the project simultaneously, in NLE’s like Adobe Premiere®, Avid Media Composer®, and Apple Final Cut Pro®, and builds in certain attributes like project size, permissions, metadata indexing, proxy generation and others.

Projects are easily accessed by workstations on the network thru individual network volume access.  This design easily separates project information between and allows simple collaboration between the users that need the information creating an uncluttered environment to work within.

The Impact On Workflow

Project-based organization improves the entire workflow process from ingest to archive.


A project managed thru a single workspace easily groups all content, documentation and project information within a single structure.  This allows for simple ingest, transcoding and editing. And because of Platforms unique project structure attributes, these projects can be simply archived to LTO tape or pushed to Nearline storage so that space on the primary storage system is relieved.