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Platform has built-in indexing and metadata management so you can easily find, preview tag and organize your assets with ease.



Built-In Media Asset Management (MAM)

Media Asset Management (MAM) with the ProMAX Platform is simple and easy to use thru a familiar browser interface into the asset management database.  Because asset management is built into the core of Platform, as soon as you load your projects, videos and other creative content onto the Platform you can easily search, metadata tag and organize all of your content in one easy place.


Automatic Indexing

The design of ProMAX Platform allows any project space to be marked as indexed and searchable.  When this is done, all video assets, project files like Adobe Premiere Pro®, Avid Media Composer®, Adobe After Effects®, Apple Final Cut Pro®, images, virtually anything you want, can be automatically indexed for search.  The indexing system searches within these files and extracts all the file metadata which is automatically stored in the Platform Database.  Users don’t have to spend time worrying about setting up or maintaining the index, everything happens as a course of using the system, just writing and updating files on the Platform Storage Server.

Custom Asset Tagging

Editors and data wranglers can easily add their own metadata to video files using the Platforms metadata tagging capabilities.  With the ability to set up new global metadata tags, organizations can create uniform asset tagging schemes, which allows for universal searching of common metadata values across all assets. Metadata types include fixed values, dates, numbers and free form fields and create superior flexibility to mold the system to your needs. Additionally, automatic metadata tagging rules can be setup on folders and spaces so that asset organization happens as a course of using the system, not an afterthought that you never get to.

Because the Platform’s MAM system uses the XMP industry standard, as users add metadata to a file, metadata are written to both the file and the database catalog so that if a file is moved to another system, all metadata is transferred within the file itself.

One Integrated Catalog

The Platform Asset Management Catalog is a global representation of your storage system and includes assets that are indexed on any storage device you choose, even if those assets are stored on fire wire drives you have connected to the Platform Server or LTO tapes in your closet. And because of Platform’s multi-node architecture, media assets can be located on any server in the Platform network.

Storage can be connected and removed from the Platform, yet any asset that has been indexed into the asset management system is still searchable even if the primary storage is no longer online.  Integrated into the video proxy capabilities of Platform, even proxies can be viewed if the original video asset is on a storage system or LTO Tape that is no longer connected to the Platform.

Platform’s search capability is easy to use, yet its powerful capabilities enable users to find assets no matter where they hide, including on tape. Utilizing simple or advanced search capabilities, assets can be search on file name, project, shoot location, file type, or any other metadata established. And with the powerful advanced searching window, users can create complex searches combining multiple criteria to hunt down the exact asset they are looking for. Saving searches makes it easy to reuse search conditions as an intuitive extension of simple searching.

Video Proxy Generation

Platform’s built in proxy generation feature streamlines workflows and enhances the content creation process.  With a click of an option, any project space or folder in the hierarchy can be marked to automatically generate proxies of media dropped in that space.

With Platform, asset management functions like proxy generation, tagging, and searching are built into the appliance.  You don’t have to worry about adding 3rd party products to your environment.  Simply load your media and enjoy the benefits of viewing high-resolution footage thru the simple to use web interface.

Proxy files are created based on the format you choose and are generated on a project by project or folder by folder basis based on your discretion.  And if you pull the original file off the system you can still view the proxy.

Collaborative Review And Approval

The ability to collaborate by sharing proxy files with executives or other interested parties during a project is critical.  Platform’s simple intuitive web interface allows editors to send links to videos from the search screen.  From there, the receiving user can click on the link, login to the system and approve videos.  This collaborative review and approval process provides a simple and easy way to streamline video production workflow.